Why Proper Education Matters in Society

education“The only difference between a revolutionary and bandit is that the revolutionary educates!”—On the Ropes.

The Black Panther party in “On the Ropes” is integral to the plot. While they have garnered a negative reputation among many, their social reform initiatives have continued to inspire countless generations. One of their initiatives deals with education. The “University of The Streets” aims to teach and empower youth with little access to quality education.

What is Quality Education?

Quality education refers to anything that brings out the potential of a student. Students will become empowered to make knowledgeable choices and be productive citizens by selecting relevant topics and skills.

Unfortunately, some people may not have access to a quality education because of several obstacles. Some examples of these obstacles include the low value of education, lack of geographical access, lack of finance, and even conflict like war.

Reasons Why We Need Proper Education for the Youth

Whatever the obstacle is, there is no doubt that an educated person is valuable. Here are some reasons why education is still a valuable asset:

1. Reduces Poverty.

The lack of education is a significant factor in why poverty perpetuates certain areas of the population. Without knowledge, individuals are ill-equipped with the tools necessary to better their future. Additionally, a lack of education makes it harder for people to find better jobs—hindering their chances of improving their quality of life.

2. Increases Quality of Life for Certain Populations.

An educated population enables a nation to better understand the world around them. Additionally, an educated population uplifts disadvantaged neighborhoods ensuring growth, advancement, and prosperity for future generations.

3. Improve the Nation’s Health.

Many educational programs encourage a healthy lifestyle. Knowledge of self-care and health can make all the difference in the world. When a population knows about proper growth development for children, they can ensure a broader population of healthier individuals.

4. Reduces Crime.

Poverty due to lack of education can lead to many risks, including a life of crime. Additionally, most offenders are often young people from poor backgrounds with minimal perspective. Education can help prevent young people from going astray by empowering them and giving them a chance to make informed choices.

5. Creates a more tolerant society.

Lastly, an educated population fosters a more tolerant and accepting society. When people become less focused on survival, they focus on other things like thriving and benefitting the community.

Education remains a fundamental right for anyone. If you wish to champion accessible quality education, consider contacting your local government official to make a change.

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