The Importance of Community Programs

The Black Panther is known for many things, but one of their enduring contributions to society is their community programs.

In my book, “On the Ropes,” you can see how many members talk about radical change at a grassroots level.

When making a chance, nothing is more life-changing than starting with the community. For instance, the Black Panther community has made significant changes through trial and effort. Some of these include:

  • The Breakfast Program
  • People’s Free Medical Centers (PFMC)
  • The Intercommunal Youth Institute
  • Seniors Against a Fearful Environment (SAFE)
  • People’s Free Ambulance Service
  • Free Food Program
  • The Black Student Alliance; and
  • The Black Panther Newspaper

Many such programs have continued to inspire many communities across the world. The Panthers have proven that when it comes to making a difference, working within the community is the first step towards making progress. However, did you know that community service can also enrich your life? Here are some benefits you can expect:

1. It broadens your perceptions of the world.

When we take the time to give back to our community, we become more aware of the issues that plague our society. From limited opportunities in education, sports, and food—we become more well-versed and connected with our neighbors.

2. It enhances community living.

Many community projects focus on things that help improve the lives of many within an area. Whether it involves starting a trash pick-up initiative, a carpooling system, and even free meals for the disadvantaged—we realize we become stronger when we work together.

3. It boosts physical and psychological well-being.

Working with others to pursue a common goal benefits your physical and mental well-being. That feeling of accomplishment, plus that good post-workout feeling after doing some physical labor, are all just perks of volunteering.

4. It allows you to meet lots of people.

The great thing about community outreach is that it gives people a chance to meet new people. Life-lasting friendships can emerge from seemingly hopeless situations. Surprisingly, the person you may not even expect to be your friend one day can suddenly feel like a sibling the next.

Community service has continued to create a positive impact in the world today. This initiative is especially true in the black community, where countless programs and local businesses have enriched the lives of many. If you are thinking of volunteering or starting your program, you can expect the benefits to come eventually.

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