Neil J. Smith

The Author

Born in the Bahamas but raised in four of the five New York boroughs, excluding the Bronx, from age seven onwards, Neil J. Smith was the fifth child of ten children. He says I was ill-educated in as many schools and did not receive an education until he discovered the library system.

He started boxing at the age of 12 and went on to win various amateur awards for the next 12 years, including the All Army Champion. He organized for various civil rights groups, the 5th Avenue Peace Parade Committee, and finally The Black Panther Party.

After that sojourn, Neil studied creative writing, literature, and poetry at NYU with William Packard, author, editor, professor, and founder of the prestigious New York Quarterly, where Neil was vice president for 15 years. He now lives upstate with his wife where he continues to write.

Book Trailer

On the Ropes

"Colossal power, sharp, spot-on writing...."

William Packard, poet, editor, professor, playwright, & writer

On The Ropes: A Tale of the 60’s is a retelling of the legend of King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table

"Colossal power, sharp, spot-on writing..."

"Your book--colossal power, sharp, spot-on writing. Issues of rape and fratricide are explored with the dialectical seriousness that echoes Old Testament and Dostoyevsky. You break through the 'cool' that infects our modern world and show the human soul in deepest wrestling with itself."

William Packard, late poet, editor, professor, playwright, and writer


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